OMG – you are wicked!

With drums beating and trumpets sounding, we moved to Creativeworld in hall 4.2 this year. In doing so, our booth was not only a statement, when speaking of its position directly at the entrance, but also in respect of the booth space itself, that was 3 times more the size we had all the years before. At the fair, we invited to hang out in a nice train station atmosphere nearby the MOLOTOW™ train. At the same time, we also took care of the accommodation by providing a regional dining car for our partners and friends. It is no surprise that we occasionally had no free seats and had to greet our visitors at the reception.


In addition, we were also assigned by the fair Frankfurt, to conceptualize and supervise a second booth of the same size by making our expertise and knowledge public to specialist retailers and the branch. In doing so, we showed our specialist shop concept 4.0 that demonstrated how to integrate urban art / graffiti products in the stationary retail by an example. Besides audio guided tours, interviews, a try out table and personnel expertise, this stage also gave the opportunity to discuss about threats and chances also in respect of the online trade. 


We were pleased to see so many of you at fair.
The year 2019 is ours and our train just started to move!

Your entire MOLOTOW™ team